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Other Personal Finance Blogs I Read

As I want to learn more on budgeting, saving and taking the right path to financial freedom, I look for other sources which can enrich my grey matter on this. I posted here two pairs of blogs which you might find helpful as well.

The Debt Movement by Jeff Rose

The Debt Movement is a project started with inspiration from Jeff's dad, who struggled with debt his entire life and was always a slave to lenders. Jeff started this campaign to give people (young adults in particular) the tools and resources to succeed. This movement is all about "working together to pay down $10 million of debt in 90 days."

Young Cheap Living by Kraig Mathias

Young, Cheap Living has everything you need to get ahead and stay ahead with your money -- all without ever falling back on debt. By showing examples with his own finances, Kraig teaches new ideas about how to live cheaply, reach your financial goals and stop relying on debt, so you can do what you really want with your life.

My Money Story

This blog is written by a new mum who aims to spend no more than $12 a day on all of her family's food, household supplies and gifts. She provides readers with detailed accounts of what she owes, how much she has paid off, and her financial plans for the future.

It's an interesting read for those looking for some inspiration. One of the author's new goals for 2012 includes spending $10 a day and saving the extra $2 for a future purchase.

Frugal and Thriving

Frugal and Thriving is a home economics blog penned by a mother-of-two from Queensland. She gives tips for ways to save and manage money and live sustainably with a self-reliant slant.

Celebrating all things thrifty, Frugal and Thriving advocates that the "frugal way of life is the way to happiness." Readers can access three years of blogs, such as "Making your own nappies" from the website archive.