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Fatten Your Savings Account by Cooking Your Own Food

December 15, 2015

Budget failures usually happen when you go out to eat. Cooking your own food might be energy and time consuming but it will help save hundreds of the dollars monthly. You might find it difficult to start but it's not impossible to achieve. You just need to stick with the following tips and tricks and practice them consistently. 

Use your time well. Excellent time management will help you stick to this practice. To keep cooking from interfering your work hours or your time  with friends and family, cook your whole menu for the week in just one day. It is best to schedule it on a weekend.

Use real food. Vegetables and raw meat are  lot cheaper than canned foods (especially quality ones). Use common ingredients that you will find in the market. You need not use fancy ingredients just to have delicious food on your table.

Balance it out. Oftentimes, meat costs more than vegetables. If you have purchased some quality meat for the week, balance them with discounted vegetables available in the supermarket. You can keep your budget in check by doing this.

Make the most out of the things you have.  Do you have an oven or a turbo grill? Inspect all the cooking machines and utensils available in your kitchen. Utilize them to prepare a varied menu for the week ahead. You can have some roasted chicken, baked zucchini or what have you.

Don't lose focus on the amount of money you will be able to save by cooking your own food. Have some fun while cooking - cook with a friend or dance to some groove as you cook - so that you won't get tired of doing it over and over.

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