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Eight Ways to Date on the Cheap

November 16, 2015

Dates are essential in keeping relationships strong. Sure, they have to be memorable but they don't have to be expensive. Here are some cheap but sweet ways to spend time with the love of your life. 

Play together. All work and no play makes dull adults. You don't have to rent a venue just to play with your partner. This winter, you can play in the snow and build a snow man. Or, go ice skating. Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or cocoa afterwards. You can also shoot some hoops in a nearby court if you want to break into sweat while enjoying your free time. 

Picnic. This can be done indoors or outdoors - depends on your preference. Pack sandwiches and sodas for two. Play your 

Watch movies all night. Buy a tub of your favorite ice cream before setting your living room into a movie house. Watch classic romance movies on DVDs or via online streaming while you cuddle each other. You can pause the movie if you need some time to talk to each other.

Walk. Go on a long walk in your neighborhood. You can stop by a park and do some see-saws and swings. Resume to your when you've had enough. You can end your long walk with a snack at a convenience store near your house.

Have a spa night. Get your tub ready with a bubble bath solution. Massage each other's feet and scrub each other's back. Don't forget to cuddle and kiss in between.

Build something together. Remember Carl and Ellie? In the movie, UP, they found happiness in building their house together. Marriage and/or romantic relationships get stronger when couples are able work on and realize their dreams together.

Enjoy the outdoors. Instead of signing up for a camping group, talk your partner into it. Other outdoor activities you can enjoy together are camping, fishing and hiking. You can turn this into a weekly or bi-monthly date depending on your schedule.

Invite your couple friends over. You can enjoy board games with your friends at the comfort of your own home. Serve a fruit platter and some vintage wine to feast all through out the game.


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